Sunday, March 28, 2021

Turon (Banana Egg Roll) by Hagiazo At Mang Isko's Kitchens

 Here we are again at Mang Isko's Kitchens. Inday's Kitchen is visiting Mang Isko's Kitchen :)

Turon is a sweet and delicious snack among Filipinos. This has been a fave since I was a kid. We actually used to sell this. My mom cooks and we sell them. Selling time was around 1-3PM. It wasn't too hot before. We can go around the neighborhood. Sold them fast and we came home with pride. We get to eat more if we sell a lot!

Now, I only get to eat it when I am around Filipino friends. Someone always brings this as a pot luck and we feast on it. I miss the gatherings now because of Covid but thanks to Mang Isko's recipe, we can get to try this at home. So hope you will enjoy this recipe and come back for more.

Please visit Mang Isko's Youtube Channel for more cooking videos. Turon (Banana Egg Roll) - YouTube

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