Sunday, December 13, 2020

Pork with Veges Soup

 When my parents were here, we always cook soup and stews. My Mom can't really eat pork meat for healthy reasons but she can have a minimal amount. On the other hand, my Dad eats anything so we cook all the time. And yes, my Dad who used to cook yummy dishes was here in California!

Sad to say, my Dad can't cook anymore. He is forgetful now. Good thing I asked him his recipes before and I posted them here!!! I received positive feedbacks with them and thank you so much for those who keep visiting and supporting my site even in my absence. I will try to post all my recipes and food trip as much as I can. I will make sure to post at least once a week. 

Anyway, this soup is hearty because of the vegetables. My husband loves potatoes in his soup and stew. Son likes it too. My daughter likes carrots so I got them all in one pot.

Soup and stews are easy to cook. You have time to do other things while waiting for this to cook. You just have to put the meat in a pot, let it boil and simmer (40 mins or more). I usually skim or take out gooey stuff that floats, also the fat. Then add vegetables. Add the ones first that cook longer like carrots and potatoes. Don't forget to season to taste. Enough salt is good! Then you can add the greens last when it is cooked. I let the heat or steam cooks the greens. I love bokchoy, spinach or malunggay (moringa leaves).

Serve with rice.

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