Monday, November 30, 2020

Bagel And Cream Cheese

If you want to have a quick bite with less preparation, we can say, bagel and cream cheese are the best option for us. 

Bagel for me is heavier than just slices of bread. Grabbing these in the morning reminds me of our road trips. My son loves them too! I am a fan of cream cheese so this is our favorite especially with blue berry and whole wheat bagel, Yum!

In hotels, I always pick these over any other breakfast meal. Put them in the toaster and spread some cream cheese.  I am happy with a glass of juice and yogurt too. I usually grab some fruits like bananas and apples for the road. My daughter always asks for oatmeal or cereal while my son eats bagels and cereal. He is a big eater. Blame it on growth spurt! :)

Anyway, take care everyone and happy eating!

Monday, November 23, 2020

I'm Back!

Hello everyone! Inday is back and will bring you more recipes and yummy food. I apologize for being inactive for the past years but I will try my best to keep updating this site. I am still cooking and modifying recipes. My kids are bigger now and they are big-eater too!

Sad to say that my original domain name is already gone. Now it is with an s. But it is okay, I am the same Inday that makes cooking easier for everyone! So let's keep making great food and enjoy what life has to offer.

Take care all!

P.S. I am eating healthy now so I might share more of healthy recipes. We need to boost our immune system to fight diseases especially that we are facing Covid-19 nowadays. Let's get stronger and fight all diseases!!!