Sunday, October 18, 2020

Frozen Vegetables for Meals

 Hello everyone! I am eating healthy so here are easy meals that I always prepare when eating a healthy diet. I have brown rice, veges and baked salmon. I will post a recipe for Baked Salmon soon so just look for my next post. I also have a little container of cider vinegar with chili flakes for my salmon. I love to dip my fish in spiced vinegar☺

If I run out of fresh vegetables, I use the frozen ones. I am a fan of mixed frozen veges especially with corn, peas and carrots. My son loves them too. Daughter loves broccoli so I buy lots of frozen broccoli too. These are easy to prepare. No need chopping or slicing. You just have to put it in a pot and warm up or cook. Or put it on a microwaveable glass container, add 2-4tbsp water, cover with plastic cling wrap and use the microwave to cook them for 5-7minutes. The packages have cooking instructions so it is easy.

There are packages which are ready to cook. Just put the bag in the microwave and steams itself. I buy the cheap packages though and I could just heat them up outside the package.

Frozen veges last long so you don't waste any if you forget or don't have time to cook them. Hope this post helps you in any way. Thanks again for visiting👍

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