Sunday, January 19, 2020

My Son's Birthday

 Hello all! We just celebrated my son's birthday and of course, Filipino dishes were served!

For birthdays, we always have the noodles for long life. The longer the noodle strands are, the better. So we had pancit and bihon. We also had the egg rolls or lumpia. They're wrapped veges or meat. We had the marinated ground beef wrapped with egg roll wrappers and fried. We also had fried chicken. Americans love them. And the rice cooker filled with white rice!

These food are also great when eaten the next day. That is why we Filipinos always get to go home with packed food. We call it BH (Bring Home). We find it amusing but at the same time we enjoy taking some food home. We minimize left-overs and we get to enjoy more the food especially if we miss to try the dish at the party. Bringing it home is a must!

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