Sunday, January 12, 2020

Chicharones (Pork Rind) and Vinegar: A Delicious Duo

 Have you tried crunchy fried pig's skin with fat or what we call pork rinds? Filipinos call it Chicharon. Hubby calls it chicharones. I think they call it the same here. I read Chicharones on the package. It could also be the brand.

Hubby and son has learned this from me. I dip these in vinegar with chili. They are really yummy!

I grew up eating pork rinds with spiced vinegar in Philippines. They are unhealthy but good. Just eat moderately. We can even eat these with rice lol

So when I got here, I eat it the same way, with cider vinegar though. More sour but still yummy!

Try it!

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