Saturday, October 3, 2015

Warm Lemon Water for Cough

Flu season is up! So get ready to boost your immune system and fight the viruses. If you happen to get the cough and want to use a home remedy, you can try this warm lemon water for cough. It helps soothe your throat and makes you feel better. If cough persists, visit your primary care physician or take that medicine from the drug store shelf :D

My family and I don't take medicine unless if our cough gets worst that lasts more than a week and we feel like we are getting pneumonia. We only take this natural home remedy which we have been using since we were kids. I did use kalabo (not sure if english term is mint) leaves too. We ground it and drink the juice raw. I don't see them here in the US so I just use lemons in warm water. You can add any mount of lemons, the more the better. You can also add honey and ginger. It works for us. It helps me sleep better. My daughter loves it. So try this and if it works, you are very welcome! ;)

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