Saturday, September 26, 2015

Royale Products

Have you heard of this new products? It is not really new but I am new to this! I came back to US carrying these. A total of 2 bags/packages containing a variety of Royale products. And my fave is the deodorant. I like the smell! I took some of the glutha pills which really makes your skin look nice. Your pores will get smaller. I also let my kids try the chocolate milk but my daughter is allergic to it. My son loves it. We use the Vit. C and grapeseed. They say it is good. We didn't use the other products but we shared it with friends and other people. In short, I sell them on eBay and to people I know. In fact, I have a friend that regularly orders the product. So what I do, I order it from my upline and she mails it via Phil Post office. It takes 15+ days to get here. I don't sell it for too much, I just let them pay the freight and lesser than the selling price online. So if you want to try them, check out ebay. A lot of sellers like me sell these. If the products suits you, keep using them. Stay fit and stay pretty!

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