Saturday, September 12, 2015

Mandarin Plaza Hotel

It was our last hotel that we stayed with the family when we were in Philippines. I took my parents and my brothers' family to Cebu with us before flying to US. The hotel was nice and not that pricey. I love the free buffet breakfast so we always had a feast in the morning. They have soup, rice, meat, pasta and so much more! From Filipino food, Asian and Western kind. It was a memorable stay. We got to enjoy the swimming pool and the facilities as well. Also, we some relatives and friends and hung out a bit. Cebu has been a beautiful place for my husband so whenever he goes to Phi, he stays for a week there. We got to tour around the city at that time instead of the beaches since we already stayed at a beach resort when we arrived. Cebu has too many things to offer and plenty of nice places, accommodation to choose from. Til next time!

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