Monday, April 6, 2015

Celebration Trip

Hello all! My hubby and I just officially celebrated our wedding anniversary and my birthday as well! We went to the pacific coast area for a week. With our kids, we enjoyed the trip that we can't stop talking about it.

San Diego is a beautiful city with perfect weather in the Spring time.

The villa we stayed at Escondido Resort has a full kitchen so we get to cook too. It became Inday's Kitchen for a week. A very nice kitchen that fits the awesome villa well. If we are not staying at the villa, we went swimming at their big pools or went to different places that San Diego county can offer.
We went to SeaWorld, Flower Fields in Oceanside, Museums and San Diego Zoo.
Going home, we dropped by at a vineyard, Monte De Oro Vineyards and went wine tasting. Also, we visited a handmade Indian temple in Chino Hills- B.A.P.S. Temple and Cultural Center, a Hindu socio-religious facility.
So we have seen a lot of things in a week. We had a blast! It was a wonderful birthday and anniversary celebration.

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