Saturday, August 15, 2015

Birthday Cup Cakes

We celebrated my little girl's birthday today so I have been busy in my kitchen all day since yesterday. I baked some cup cakes and also made some cake pops which turned out really yummy! I'll share the recipe in a separate post so check it out later. For the cupcakes, I just followed the recipe on the package. I used Devil's Food Cake mix. I baked it last night and let it cool, wrapped and set aside.

Visitors started coming at 1 pm today. I had some friends over from near and far. I really appreciated their time for coming and bringing presents for my munchkin and also for helping me set up the VIP table, decors and the icing on the cup cakes! The kids enjoyed the party so much especially my daughter since she got her dream My Lil Pony Party. We invited peeps who had a big pony ooopsss a horse and had everyone ride on the horse, around our property. It was so much fun that I couldn't even feel how tired I was. Well then, that is for tonight. I'm ready for bed. You guys have a wonderful night!

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