Saturday, July 18, 2015


Filipinos love KAMAYAN or eating by hand. When you are in Philippines, there's no way you gonna miss this on one of your meal times. Embracing the culture is fun, respecting any culture is a must. You can still use the spoon if you don't want to, but you might get tempted of the fun way we filipinos eat by hand. Make sure you wash your hands LOL cos seafood need to be eaten by hand. 

Seafood is mostly being eaten at a kamayan. I went to New Orleans and my in-laws prepared a table/ feast of shrimp, crabs, potaoes, corn, sausages, craw fish and more. These were cooked in a big pot altogether and it was just poured on the table and we gathered around feasting on it. That was also kamayan style cos we ate by hand but not known as such cos we were not in Philippines. It was the New Orleans style and it was fun! Same with Kamayan, especially if you are with good company, kamayan is at its best!

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