Saturday, June 20, 2015

Filipino Meryenda/Snacks

We went to Gaisano Food court in Iligan and had some merienda or snacks before heading to Mimbalot falls. We ordered siopao or steam buns, maruya or fried battered banana, fresh lumpia and tabirak or tapioca porridge (not sure in english) with coco milk and sweet potatoes. It was funny cos hubby ate the bun and the paper. This has a paper on the bottom. Anyway, he kinda liked it and kids ate some too. This is what i like in Philippines, the snacks! My dad used to cook steam buns. I think I have the recipe here somewhere on my blog. Maruya is easy to cook too. I will put up the recipe next time. Also the fresh lumpia, one of my faves! I also have recipe here for the tabirak or ginataang bilo-bilo. So for now, enjoy the picture :D

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