Saturday, May 23, 2015

Costabella Resort

We stayed in Cebu City for three days before we came home to the province. The whole family was with us, my parents, my brother and my sister-in-laws with their kids. We enjoyed our stay and the place was nice, white beach and awesome scenery.

Costabella is a tropical hotel with swimming pools, plenty of coconut trees and offer rooms with ocean view. We picked a partial view with balcony for ourselves. It was an awesome experience. We get to see the sunrise at the balcony. We had a beautiful view of the sunset too. Kids got to play at the kids's center and by the beach; the adults played billiards, hung out by the beach while watching the kids and also enjoyed the swimming pools together. We got to eat together too as a family. It was memorable, we got to seat in a long table and chatted, shared memories with each other. Nothing beats the laughter and time we shared over a meal. Especially if the food is great!
We loved the breakfast buffet. We got it every morning. They have a variety of food offered every day. My parents loved the fish and omelet. I loved the chorizo! I don't get to eat that in the US. Filipino chorizo is the best! I also had the omelet that I requested. They cook it in front of you. My husband tried all the Filipino food that they offer and he liked them. My kids ate pancake and cereal, as usual. But my lil girl ate some bacon and eggs. We had a very good breakfast at Costabella Resort. We thanked them for the wonderful experience.

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