Saturday, April 18, 2015

Pinoy Food Feast

Pic by Che Tahud
Philippines, here we come! We are flying to Philippines soon to finally see my family and friends after 8 years. It's the long-awaited vacation for us and everyone's so excited to see us especially my kids. It would be their first meeting. And what I am so excited too is the food! I'll gonna feast on it for sure. I miss the food and my Papa's home cooked meals. I'll expect to gain weight but it's ok as long as I will have so much fun. It will definitely be a food trip for us er for me. So I will be out of Inday's Kitchen for 5 weeks. Yes, it will be more than a month and I'll make sure I'll take pictures of the food and share some recipes. I can't wait! May God Bless us on our journey home and back. Till then. 

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