Saturday, February 14, 2015

Sweet Day Goodies

Happy Valentine's Day everyone! Hope you guys have a wonderful day with your love ones. As for me, I am taking a break for this day too from cooking. I'm sure everyone is outside eating dinner, or going somewhere nice for a date or just staying at home enjoying all the goodies you receive from your partner. By tomorrow, all those sweet stuff will be on sale!
My husband and I love to go shopping every after a holiday. We look for bargains to send to Philippines or to keep for our kids and ourselves. Usually, the items will be from 50%-90% off especially at KMart. So tomorrow, we will be there checking out on reduced items or Valentine Stuff which are on sale like candies, chocolates and toys. If you like Valentine Cakes, you can go to Albertson's and they have this rack where they put cake and pastry which are marked down. You can buy a cake for $5.99 (orig $25 or so) or sometimes $2.99, depends on the size. Bread and donuts are usually $1.99. You see, you can get great deals if you are patient. So when holidays come, you only not look forward on the day but also look forward on the next day for sweet day goodies!

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