Saturday, January 3, 2015

BBQ Ribs

It's a lazy day today! For dinner I just grabbed a ready-to-eat meal at Albertson's. They actually have a pretty good selection of food. I love their grilled chicken and their BBQ pork ribs! If you don't have time to cook and feeling lazy like me, you can rely on Albertson's fresh cooked chicken and pork BBQ. They also have wedges, fried chicken, sausages and a variety of salads. They also have a good customer service. One time I bought BBQ ribs and it was too dry so I returned it and they give me a new fresh one. Same with the grilled chicken. The batch that I bought has a bit blood by the bones and joints so they gave me a new set for free. I gave to Bullet, our dog the not fully cooked meat. Anyway, we'll enjoy this yummy BBQ ribs and you guys have a wonderful New Year!

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