Monday, March 24, 2014

Instant Noodle Without the Seasoning

There are times that we are too busy with work, kids and home that we really don't feel like cooking. We can just order food to go or just turn to TV dinners or instant food. I haven't tried ordering food yet since we moved here in the country. We are 15 minutes away from the main town and I am not sure if delivery is possible in a small town. We do have a café nearby but I prefer making my food if we plan to dine home.
When busy, I just grab instant noodles and serve. Kids love noodles. They have Asian blood. Eating instant food is not healthy though that is why when I serve noodles or ramen, I don't use the seasoning that comes in the pack. I use our seasoned left-over meat or roasted chicken to add flavor to the instant noodle. And it always tastes good! No preservatives and healthier. Their noodles taste like they're already seasoned so you will like it even without the salty seasoning in a packet. Why not try it tonight if you feel like not cooking ;)

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