Monday, March 31, 2014

French Toast

It's been a year already since I was told by my physician that I have hypoglycemia. So I have been into a high-protein diet. My blood sugar is normal now and I do cheat sometimes with my diet. But I am really trying my best to stick to a healthy meal everyday.
For breakfast, if I have something to do with work early morning, I just make 100% whole grain French toasts. My kids love it. I have syrup for them but for  myself, I substitute syrup with sweet fruits. Usually, I out blackberries and blueberries on my French toast. No butter too. It's kinda dry so it's better to have a glass of fresh-squeezed orange juice or soymilk. I always have a glass of vanilla unsweetened almond milk. I can't drink it alone so I need to have something to munch on when I'm drinking it. So it is perfect to my French toast. It's really good even the egg I used didn't have anything except vanilla powder. I cooked it on the pan without oil. It doesn't stick as long as the pan is really heated well. I can eat this everyday. Cheers to a healthy lifestyle!

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