Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Garden Salad with Apple and Chicken Meat

Since I was told that I have hypoglycemia, I have been eating healthy. This is one of the healthy meals that I eat most of the days. Our fridge would never run out of greens and I always have meat, chicken preferably. I like Costco's roasted chicken. I only eat a bit of it. I also like Albertson's chicken but I usually bake my own without salt on it. For my green salad, I love Balsamic dressing and pumpkin seeds and fruits on top. I love how the salad tastes. Apples make it taste so good since I like sweet and tangy. Hope I'll be able to stick with this kind of diet. I am loving it but I get tempted sometimes. I just have to think that this is for my own benefit. It's good and healthy!

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