Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Green Beans and Carrots with Shredded Chicken Meat

Here's another dish that my little girl likes. She loves carrots and green beans. Also broccoli but I didn't add it with this dish. My little boy only eats carrots and he is really picky with food. Glad he eats fruits at least. So when I cook this one, my little girl eats most of it. This has no salt but I used left-over roasted chicken from Costco which was already seasoned. I just added salt-free seasoning from Mrs. Grill. I used olive oil to saute onion. Then I stir-fried the carrots first until tender-crisp and added the green beans. When you cook this, add a bit of water when necessary to cook the veges and cover. Stir in chicken meat and add seasoning. Cook for a few minutes and done. Serve with rice or brown rice. My little girl loves the latter so we always have it every time I cook veges. Enjoy!

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