Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Green Beans and Carrots with Shredded Chicken Meat

Here's another dish that my little girl likes. She loves carrots and green beans. Also broccoli but I didn't add it with this dish. My little boy only eats carrots and he is really picky with food. Glad he eats fruits at least. So when I cook this one, my little girl eats most of it. This has no salt but I used left-over roasted chicken from Costco which was already seasoned. I just added salt-free seasoning from Mrs. Grill. I used olive oil to saute onion. Then I stir-fried the carrots first until tender-crisp and added the green beans. When you cook this, add a bit of water when necessary to cook the veges and cover. Stir in chicken meat and add seasoning. Cook for a few minutes and done. Serve with rice or brown rice. My little girl loves the latter so we always have it every time I cook veges. Enjoy!

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Edible Apple Swan

Thanksgiving is coming up and everyone's gonna be busy preparing for their feast. That comes with the table preparation and the decor as well. You might want to add some edible apple swans in different colors. For sure you will love this idea and your guests too! Family will surely enjoy, not only the feast but also the apple swans. That if you want to take a bite out of these pretty carved and sliced apples in green, red and more. Check out the video to learn how. Thanks to the author who put this video up. It's very easy and fun to follow. Click the link now. (Photo credit: Andrew Salomone @ makezine.com)