Monday, February 13, 2012

Princess Cake

I found a new hobby-baking cake and desserts! I don't know why but one thing for sure, I was so lazy to bake! I only bake cake when there's an occasion but lately, I find myself enjoying it. I started it last Christmas. I found a recipe which was so challenging and really looked good and I tried it. It was successful and the cake tasted really good. Then I tried another one then another until I found myself loving doing it. I feel pride and happiness when my love ones like the dish I prepare and compliment me. That serves as a motivation to continue doing what I love. So I told myself that I keep on baking and accept projects for my self's improvement. When I saw my friend's child's cake, the Princess cake, I told myself that I will try making it. It was really pretty and tasted good too. Well, any cake for me tastes yummy! That's the assurance for baking cake and dessert, it will always be good if prepared according to directions. With this one, I wish I can do it well so I can say that I can be a good cake maker. It will be a good business huh? We will see. It will be a new project at Inday's Kitchen.

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