Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Our Coffee Maker

My husband just bought a coffee maker. Our old coffee maker for more than 5 years is not working anymore. My husband tried to fix it but he failed. It is hard to change something which you have loved already to use. It was his favorite coffee maker. It makes good coffee too!

I am not a coffee drinker but I do take sips. I am only addicted to frappes and frappuccinos or any cold coffee drinks but not really drinking it all the time. My husband is the one who drinks more than 5 cups of coffee daily. So when the coffee maker was broken, he was like something important was missing in his life. We tried searching for
krups coffee maker parts online, thinking that we could fix the part so he can still use his favorite coffee maker. But we haven't fixed it. We should have tried for coffee maker parts but we did not. They offer coffee maker parts there and if we searched the site, we could have gotten the parts and fixed the coffee maker. Unfortunately, we got rid of the old coffee maker and my husband just bought a new one. He let go of his favorite one. He had no choice because he really wanted to make coffee that he can't wait for the old one to be fixed. Hope we can still use it in the future if the new one breaks, we might save the old one.

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