Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Blender Parts

It has been three years already since I received my blender as a Christmas gift from my husband. We actually had two old blenders but one was broken and the other one was misplaced somewhere in the kitchen that up to now, I could not find it. So when I accidentally broke the other one, I asked my husband to buy me a new blender. At that time, I wished I can buy the parts. I could have bought it at thegourmetdepot.com. They have kitchenaid blender parts there. It's nice to know that you can get blender parts online. If you are looking something and you can't find it at your local store, try visiting the website. You might find it there. They have everything, all information you need. So if I need something or a blender part, I can just go visit the site. I should have when my other blender was broken.

The glass container still works with the sharp metal pieces in it. I was using ice cubes at that time and it stuck inside the glass container. The base part was burnt. I smelled it first then a smoke came out so I stopped using it. It was too late, I already broke it. I love blended drinks so much that I couldn't live without a blender. It has a lot of uses too aside from using it to make blended drinks. I make use of it when cooking too. So if I break my new one, I can just look for kitchenaid blender parts. Hopefully, I can find it here at our place when time comes. Thank God, my blender is still working even if it's over used already. I love my blender!

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