Friday, September 30, 2011

French Toasts

French Toasts again for breakfast! This is one of my son's favorite meals in the morning. He likes it with strawberry and maple syrup. Hubby and I like it too. It's very easy to make. All we have to do is dip the bread in a bowl of beaten eggs and fry it on both sides. I put a bit of vanilla and cinnamon powder. I don't like much the latter but a bit is okay. It makes the french toasts smell good and yummy! It's today's breakfast with bacon strips and fried eggs.

Friday, September 23, 2011

Recipes Online

It's more than a year now since I started blogging. Thanks to my father who shared with me his recipes and that made me create this site. He's the one who cooks in the family most of the time and he is good. Family friends and even his co-workers will ask him to cook for them if there's a special occasion. I regret that I didn't try learning or even observing him while cooking before. But it's not too late that's why I have this food blog.

Thanks to technology and other bloggers too. All recipes which are popular can be found now online and people like me who just learned to cook can have a lot of choices on which recipe to follow. There are a lot of variations online. Just like my site,, some of my recipes are modified by me. I tried other recipes then share it here with the ingredients and directions that I added or omitted. I like visiting other food blogs too and websites like It has information about food and recipes. You will find or search all your favorite recipes there and a lot more. I am sure that you will like this website too. So just keep checking online for recipes and enjoy cooking!

Sunday, September 18, 2011


Quesadilla is my new favorite Mexican food aside from chili relleno. I just learned to like it recently when I tried to order at Los Hermano's Mexican Restaurant. Their food was good especially the quesadilla. I ordered the chicken quesadilla and my son even liked it too. So after I tried it, I always order quesadilla then at Taco Bell. I tried all the different kinds that they have and I like it all. I am not too picky with food and when I like something, I won't get tired easily of eating it over and over again. I should have tried the quesadilla long time ago. Then I could have other choices every time we dine in at a Mexican restaurant.

Monday, September 5, 2011

What's for Breakfast?

It's my son's favorite-French toasts, eggs and sausages! I used strawberry syrup for his French Toasts and he really loved it. Aside from pancakes, he loves these wheat bread dipped in beaten eggs with a bit of vanilla and cinnamon. Frying it is so easy. I like it not so toasted, just light browning it. It tastes really good with fried eggs with salt and pepper and little sausages. A perfect breakfast for a beautiful morning. Better start the day with a yummy meal!