Monday, August 29, 2011

Meal for Today

Yup, that's rice and ham! It's brown rice with seasoned vegetables and ham, the bony part with its fats. It was really good. I had it for lunch. I miss eating white rice. Since I got pregnant, I was hooked up with brown rice. I got used with the taste already. It's healthier than white rice so I gotta eat this. It is not really bad, if you are really used with white rice, you always prefer it than the brown one. Good thing I didn't get to eat white rice already before I got pregnant. Since we moved in to a different city, I couldn't visit my friends anymore. Thus, it prevented me from eating white rice most of the time. We filipinos eat plenty of it every gathering. So that's why I couldn't eat it always. I don't buy it too. I'm buying brown rice now. It was still good with the pork ham and vegetables. What a healthy meal!

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Hailey said...

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