Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Show Tickets and More

As a mother, I have been so busy lately. Not only busy with my kitchen but also with work. I am working with my husband at home and looking after our child at the same time. It's nice to work at home though because you can take a break anytime plus you get to cook what you like for your meal. Hubby will not starve of hunger while at work. He is such a busy bee. That is why I told him to take a break at times. It would be nice for the family to go out and watch movies, shows or concerts.

Oh I miss concerts! Before we loved to go to concerts. It so happened that I saw some Taylor Swift Tickets online. I do love her songs and country music. I saw some Jersey Boys Tickets and
Harlem Globetrotters Tickets too. But I am not really interested with it. I like sports too, if only we could buy Yankee Stadium tickets. But we are too far to go and watch. Travelling will be a waste of time too for us for now but we do love to travel. Hope we can try the Fenway Park tickets someday too. Our boy is getting bigger! He would surely love sports.

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