Saturday, June 4, 2011

Save Money on Father's Day!

Yes, Father's day is just around the corner. And I am pretty sure that some of you guys are now thinking of gift ideas and things to prepare for Father's Day. Are you planning to throw a party for your Dad? Husband? or In-Laws? Or just thinking of a nice gift to give before or during a special dinner.

How I wish I could throw a party to my husband who will be again a daddy in two months time. But we are pretty tight financially as of now. A simple but special gift would be nice. I have a few things that I considered to buy him since he really needs these things so badly. My Dad also needs one thing from me which I really hope I could buy it for him. That's why I am broswing the net and looking for coupons so at least I can save. I saw some good deals at Hope I can find coupons for the things I need to buy for my loving husband and my dad. I really want to buy a GPS navigator for hubby and a hair clipper for my Dad. Well, I will just keep on searching at and hoping to find good deals before Father's Day and save.

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