Friday, April 22, 2011

Tinolang Ulang/Shrimp Soup with Vegetables

My friend, Jahanne, invited me one day to her place and had a great lunch. She was cooking Filipino dishes and everything looked good. One of my favorites was her Tinolang Ulang/hipon or Shrimp Soup with a variety of vegetables. It's an easy home-cooking and delicious. She was supposedly making a Shrimp Tamarind Soup but she can't find any tamarind soup mix so she came up with this. So instead of Nilaga which is a way of making sour soup, it was a Tinola, just a simple soup without any sour flavor like lemons or tamarind. She cooked it vegetables like eggplants, string beans, radish, bell peppers, onions, tomatoes and green onions. Water was used
for the soup and shrimp was added when all vegetables were tender-crisp. Only salt and pepper were used to taste and a bit of MSG. Quick and yummy!

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