Saturday, April 16, 2011

Sauteed Shrimp

This is the best sauteed shrimp that I have tried so far when I came here in the US. It reminds me of my father's recipe which I love and miss! My newly-found friend Ranilda cooked this dish during our simple get-together. I was watching while she was cooking it.

In a wok, she sauteed garlic, ginger and green onions in hot oil. She then added the shrimp and stirred it occasionally. When almost done (shrimp cooks quickly!), she added a bit of salt, some chili sauce (the kind that we use for lumpia/egg roll dip) and ketchup. Now I have the idea to utilize the bottle of chili sauce in my fridge which I have kept in a while. It was really good and so tasty! It made me ate plenty of rice. Why don't you try it too? The picture looks good and indeed, it is!

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Anonymous said...

This is good timing because I am looking for recipes to do for tonight. Thanks for posting Inday. daghang salamat gyud sa imong posts.