Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Who Wants Gold?

I was watching this Korean drama "Midas" and this guy was holding a gold bullion. It reminds me of the other drama starred with Rain Bi who has found a bullion in his office. It came from a buried treasure by the soldiers long time ago.

How nice would it be if we could have one. I know it costs a lot of money. If I win the lottery, I would buy bullion and keep it safe. I would save gold coins too! It will be more expensive in the future so it is really a good investment to buy gold bullion. Even a small one has made us money. My husband found gold teeth and sold it. We've been keeping it for a while and had it cashed. We were surprised, those small pieces cost more than what we expected. If you are interested, click any of the links to know more about gold coins and gold bullion. Also information about gold IRA and more.

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