Thursday, March 24, 2011

A Party at Inday's Kitchen

Hurray! My son just turned one. Time flies really. So hubby and I prepared a party for him. We invited all our friends and family but only a few confirmed to make it. That's why I didn't cook much. Hubby helped me with the preparations, from decors to the food but I did mostly all the cooking. I chose dishes which are easy to make. The shrimp dish was baked, the egg rolls and chicken were fried while the rest were stir-fried and ready to serve. If you are alone and nobody is helping you with the cooking, it's would be wise to choose dishes which are really easy to prepare and be cooked simultaneously. The party started at 1:00 pm and I finished cooking at 12:00. I started cooking around 8:00 am. It took me a while with the frying but it was not difficult. I used a deep fryer so it was just a breeze. Thank God for the new kitchen, it made me do my tasks easily and had made my son's party successful. Next year again.

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