Friday, March 18, 2011

Feasting on Filipino Food

My friends visited me again for the second time. They are the same set of friends who had came here at the new place of ours for the first time. I really appreciate their efforts in waking up early and travelling 45 minutes just to visit us. So, I woke up early too and prepared filipino food for my filipino guests. I made my father's style chicken adobo, the dry one which was really good. Some torta talong were cooked too since I was really craving for eggplants. I made groundbeef and cabbage dish too. And lentil stew with fried fish and spinach. It tasted like our monggo so I cooked it in filipino way with fish.
I have my father's dry adobo recipe posted here somewhere but I would love to share it again. I just used a lb of meat, washed with water and placed in a pot. I added half cup soy sauce, half cup vinegar, half cup water, cloves of garlic and black pepper. Sometimes I add onions and bell pepper but I ran out of it. Then I simmered it while it was covered till tender. Then let it dry without covering it, stirring occasionally. When it's red or golden brown and dry, it's done. A bit of sauce is good too. The tortang talong recipe was already posted here as well as the ground beef and cabbage recipe. Will share the lentil recipe if you guys want it.

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AdinB said...

Pagkalami ba aning mga pagkauna ate Fel.. makadaku jud ta ani ug kaon da makausa ka kaldero jud kaha. hehehe.. Bisita ko nimo diri ate Fel.

Adin B99