Thursday, March 31, 2011

Haven't Been Out of the Kitchen Lately

It has been a while that hubby and I watched shows. Before I got a baby, we always buy tickets for any show that is showing at the Robobank Arena. We also watched games like baseball and others. I like sports. I even checked for Boston Celtics Tickets even if it's really impossible for me to get one.

Hubby and I love to watch magic shows too. I couldn't wait to get some David Copperfield Tickets, he's pretty popular. Maybe someday, we can watch shows again. I couldn't wait to get some Adele Tickets and Dane Cook Tickets. It's really hard for us to buy tickets and not sure if we can use it or not.

With our child, it's difficult to go out with him. But we can always take him to see children shows like Disney on Ice and Sesame Street. We watched the former but missed the latter. When I checked for Sesame Street Live Tickets, I found out that there are no more shows this year here in Bakersfield. So we will wait for next year again. If you guys want to buy tickets, you can check it out at

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