Saturday, July 31, 2010

Liquid Sweetener

I don't drink coffee nor sweet tea too often so I don't use sugar most of the time. Only hubby uses sugar at home and consumed every pack that we buy from the store. He uses the powder kind and haven't tried yet the liquid sweetener. That is why I am curious of EZ-Sweetz
EZ-Sweetz® is a liquid sweetener that is compared to Splenda®. We might like it since we do use Splenda too. But this one offers more value and many other advantages compared to Splenda®. They say that if you like Splenda, you would love EZ-Sweetz®. I might want to try their free sample which is available at Try it too. Let's see if liquid sweetener is better with my hubby's coffee. Below is the information regarding EZ-Sweetz:

1) No Calorie and No Sugar

2) One Drop and Sweet Enough

3) Tastes Like Sugar

4) Free of Dextrose & Maltodextrin

5) Hot and Cool Foods & Drinks

6) Made in USA

7) Compliance with FDA Requirements

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