Saturday, July 24, 2010

10 Products to Always Buy Generic

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Our economy nowadays is really not good compared to before. No wonder that people are struggling in order to survive. Because of this, our lifestyle has changed and we became more practical. Though some people stick to their lifestyle, but most are trying their best to change for the betterment. I am one of them. Hubby and I am trying my best not to spend much in order to save. So we shop and spend less. How? We choose the generic stuff and the ones on sale.

According to the article that I have read, there are
10 Products to Always Buy Generic. One is the over-the-counter medication which I always buy. When I was pregnant, I preferred the Rite-Aid brand prenatal vitamins since it was cheaper and there were more tablets in one bottle for the price. The rest of the generic products are cereal, pantry staples, soda, gasoline, electronic cables, make-up and other beauty products, batteries, salad mix and produce and store brand formula which I tried to buy for my baby. Instead of buying the expensive milk formula for my baby, we chose to buy the store brand formula and that made us save. I breastfed my baby but also supplemented him with formula milk. Thanks to the store brand formula, we made it through and eventually passed the challenges that came with the bad economy.

These generic products are as effective as the brand-name ones but affordable. Though the packaging is different, the content is similar. So why not try buying the generic products? This way, we can save and enjoy similar kind of stuff of that brand-name products.

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