Saturday, July 31, 2010

Liquid Sweetener

I don't drink coffee nor sweet tea too often so I don't use sugar most of the time. Only hubby uses sugar at home and consumed every pack that we buy from the store. He uses the powder kind and haven't tried yet the liquid sweetener. That is why I am curious of EZ-Sweetz
EZ-Sweetz® is a liquid sweetener that is compared to Splenda®. We might like it since we do use Splenda too. But this one offers more value and many other advantages compared to Splenda®. They say that if you like Splenda, you would love EZ-Sweetz®. I might want to try their free sample which is available at Try it too. Let's see if liquid sweetener is better with my hubby's coffee. Below is the information regarding EZ-Sweetz:

1) No Calorie and No Sugar

2) One Drop and Sweet Enough

3) Tastes Like Sugar

4) Free of Dextrose & Maltodextrin

5) Hot and Cool Foods & Drinks

6) Made in USA

7) Compliance with FDA Requirements

Ground Turkey Meat and Vegetables Stir-fry

This is another quick and easy recipe for frozen vegetables. I am using any brand of vegetable stir-fry pack but I always have a chicken bouillon cube for seasoning. This time around, I used ground turkey for the meat so the chicken bouillon cube wasn't needed since the turkey was already seasoned. You can buy it at any grocery section's meat section. It comes in tubes.

Cooking this is really simple. First, cook the meat in medium heat then add the vegetables and a bit of water. Stir-fry for about 5-7 minutes till vegetables are crisp tender. Serve with hot cooked rice.

Made in America

This is a Sponsored Post written by me on behalf of Ramblers Way. All opinions are 100% mine.

"Made in America" has been always the talk every time I send gifts to the Philippines. Ever since I came here in USA, my folks back home were anticipating to receive something made in America. Receiving goods from here makes them so happy and proud but it doesn't mean that they don't love stuff made in Philippines. Something from the USA is worthwhile even if the product is originally made in other countries like China. They just love anything as long as it is given and sent from the United States of America. But I am trying my best as the sender to pack products made from here. Recently, I have been looking for clothes and apparel made here and I came across of Ramblers Way Farm.

Ramblers Way Farm is an American business which sources, grows, and produces fine woolen apparel using 100% domestic resources. They have brought manufacturing facilities into distressed small towns and are helping to revitalize the communities. Our town here needs a company like them. The economy has been tough and few of the big stores here in Bakersfield has been shut down. I heard that the Ramblers Way Corporate Office is a fully refurbished building that was originally built in 1792 and is located in downtown Kennebunk, Maine. That's too far from here. The building has been restored to its original condition, while being modernized to meet today's environmental standards. They have even achieved the coveted Gold Lead Certification level. How cool it is to send products to Philippines which are produced by them. These are surely made in America!

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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Today's Meal

I love Knorr side dishes in packs. It is easy to cook and delicious too. Hubby and I like to buy side dishes packs in different flavor and try it with meat and vegetables. Today's side dish that I prepared with my meal was Chicken Noodle. I just added already cooked shrimp when the noodles were cooked. On my plate were green beans and baked turkey breast tenderloin. Yummy!

Saturday, July 24, 2010

10 Products to Always Buy Generic

This is a Sponsored Post written by me on behalf of PBM Products. All opinions are 100% mine.

Our economy nowadays is really not good compared to before. No wonder that people are struggling in order to survive. Because of this, our lifestyle has changed and we became more practical. Though some people stick to their lifestyle, but most are trying their best to change for the betterment. I am one of them. Hubby and I am trying my best not to spend much in order to save. So we shop and spend less. How? We choose the generic stuff and the ones on sale.

According to the article that I have read, there are
10 Products to Always Buy Generic. One is the over-the-counter medication which I always buy. When I was pregnant, I preferred the Rite-Aid brand prenatal vitamins since it was cheaper and there were more tablets in one bottle for the price. The rest of the generic products are cereal, pantry staples, soda, gasoline, electronic cables, make-up and other beauty products, batteries, salad mix and produce and store brand formula which I tried to buy for my baby. Instead of buying the expensive milk formula for my baby, we chose to buy the store brand formula and that made us save. I breastfed my baby but also supplemented him with formula milk. Thanks to the store brand formula, we made it through and eventually passed the challenges that came with the bad economy.

These generic products are as effective as the brand-name ones but affordable. Though the packaging is different, the content is similar. So why not try buying the generic products? This way, we can save and enjoy similar kind of stuff of that brand-name products.

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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Applebee's Riblets

This is our favorite menu at Applebee's, Riblets! These are tender and tasty. You can choose from different BBQ sauce. I love the sweet and spicy. It comes with your choice of baked potatoes or fries. I even let my baby had a taste of the sauce and he liked it. He cried because he wanted more. Hubby and I always order this as our main entree and buffalo wings for appetizer. You should try it too. Choose from their $20-3 meals deal. We love Applebee's.

Friday, July 16, 2010

Chop Suey

This is a quicker and easier recipe for chop suey since frozen stir-fry vegetables and a chop suey mix are used. I just added a half-lb cooked shrimp. Below are the only ingredients you need. The mix has been added already to the soy sauce and water mixture. A cooking oil was also added to fry again the shrimp for a few seconds and the vegetables were added. The mixture was added when the vegetables were crisp-tender, when simmered in about 7 minutes, medium heat. You may add black pepper if desired.

Friday, July 9, 2010

Today's Meal

Here's a nice meal for Mom's who are trying hard to lose weight. It's still fattening but a little portion of it is ok. I always have vegetables with my meal so I had eaten a bowl of garden salad already with a light dressing then this simple meal. I had one baked potato with lots of black pepper, a bit of heated pork and beans and a turkey breast tenderloin with lemon pepper flavor. Oh yummy!

Saturday, July 3, 2010

1tb Hard Drive

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