Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Cheap Breakfast

Getting up early has been a usual habit to me since I got pregnant. I wake up around 3am just to eat and can't get back to sleep right away so I have plenty of time to prepare breakfast. What I like most is the Denny's kind breakfast. Instead of going there as what we used to when I craved, I just spend my free time preparing a nice and also cheap breakfast. We buy sausages when it is on sale as well as bacon. Each package was 99 cents when we got it at Von's and they always mark it down when it's about to expire. We got coupons for the eggs that let us save too. As for the pancakes, we sometimes buy it from 99cents store but I prefer the Bisquik brand. Then cook it at the same time with bacon in a separate pan of course. The rest will follow and wala! A cheap but a nice breakfast for hubby and me.

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