Friday, October 2, 2009

Jack's Quest: A Holloween Adventure

Halloween Adventure - Jacks Quest

I just registered and submitted my Holloween photo at Jack's Quest website. Jack is the spokes person for, Masquerade LLC and their operations. He'd love to invite all the people from all over the United States to tell and show us their Adventures from the last Halloween Season. I did share a bit of mine and I will add more. America will vote on them and the best adventures will win! Hopefully, I'll be lucky. I admit that my Holloween costume last year was so simple. I even didn't have a make-up. At least I wore a costume though since it was my first time ever celebrating holloween here in US. So it was quite memorable. Hubby and I spent our holloween adventure at Kern County Museum where the Safe Holloween activity was held. I was with my friend's family, Wrapshell. We had a great time and I felt like a kid again. Hubby wore a costume too. Actually, I bought it online three days before the holloween. I was not sure before if we needed a costume but for my own sake, hubby wanted me to try one on. He did wear one for me. For this year, I will make my costume more colorful. That means, I'll add up color to my face, wear make-ups and would experiment something for my costume. I don't want to buy a costume for this year even if I get cheaper ones online because it would be difficult, I guess. I will be 6 months pregnant so I will just find something comfortable for me in my closet. The make-up will work for sure. As for you guys, you can Buy Halloween Costumes Online or in a Halloween Store Near You. You can find cheaper ones but nice, try to fit it on and rock on this year's Holloween. Don't forget to add your adventures at Jack's Quest website.

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