Thursday, August 27, 2009


For me, my dad's Humba recipe is the best. I tried a lot of recipes but I got used with my dad's since I grew up with it. We always have humba everytime there is an occasion like birthdays and fiestas. It is a dish of pork meat with its fat and skin which Filipinos love. My dad chops the pork meat in bite-size cubes and boil it with water with salt, soy sauce, sugar or pineapple juice, and ground black pepper in it. The amount of the ingredients is just enough for the meat to taste good. My dad doesn't use exact measurements, he just puts everything in the saucepan and just tastes it and adds more ingredients if he can't get the desired taste. Boiling the meat in medium-heat will cook the dish. Add more water if it dries up.

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