Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Guso/ Seaweed

Gross? You might thing it is if you haven't tried eating some seaweeds like guso or lato. These are only a few of the seaweeds that I like back in Philippines. I really miss my father's seaweed salad. My favorite is guso. That's why I was so happy when one of my friends prepared a guso salad when we had a gathering. It is easy to prepare. You just have to wash the seaweed properly to get rid of the salty taste and the rock or sand where it grew. It will be cooked later on because of the vinegar that will be added to it. A bit of salt to taste, onion, ginger root, tomatoes, a bit of lemon juice, chili and green onions are added to add taste. Mmmm, now I am drooling.

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Ging said...

Where do you buy guso?