Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Fried Young Shrimp or Anchovies

I am not sure what it is really called but back in Philippines, my mother used to fry young shrimp as what she called it. In our term we call it Shagyagan, tiny pink shrimp. This tastes good with soy sauce and lemon or vinegar and rice. We always had this for breakfast before because the lady who's selling this visit our place every morning. My mom then added eggs, cornstarch, salt and pepper to it and mix it. She then fried it like pancakes. My friend did cook some and made me remember my Mom's cooking. But the one she used was anchovies or what we call dilis. It was prepared the same way the young shrimp is prepared. Perfect with rice and a mixture of soy sauce and vinegar plus the chili!

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