Friday, April 3, 2009

Steak Burrito

This is my Steak Burrito. A quick and easy dish for your leftover meat. We had steak the other night and some leftovers the next day. So what I did, I prepared it for the burrito. I had spanish rice, cooked according to the package directions, tortillas and rosarita's refried beans which tastes good and ready to eat.

I heated the tortillas while cooking the spanish rice. I just added diced tomatoes to it. Then, while heating the tortillas, I heated the steak(in strips) and refried beans too. Then I put everthing on the tortilla, garnished with tortilla chip salsa.

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Orlando Rubio said...

Murag lami ni imo mga recipe da? Mouth watering recipe. I am salivating here lol.
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