Thursday, April 9, 2009

Looking For Jobs?

Before I started blogging and working, I had experienced looking for jobs online. I had visited a lot of websites that offer jobs. I got some replies but there was a lot of competitions. I was tired of it and started blogging instead before I found a job. If I have known the LIGHTSHIP RESEARCH before, I could have tried it. They also have a Job Seeker section for people who are looking for jobs. In fact, below is the testimony of a user:
I got laid off as the Vice President of Sales and Marketing of a new media company in the Bay area. I was recommended by a recruiter to call Lightship Research to help me with my job search, as I wanted to relocate to New York City. I was a little skeptical at first, as I had always used traditional recruiters in the past, but they were not producing any interviews and I needed a job quickly. I spoke with a reference that had used their services and decided to give them a try. Their strategist was very knowledgeable and came up with some good ideas. They really know how to get under the radar and find companies, that you would never have thought of and then find the direct hiring authority. I got four interviews and an offer in 30 days (yes in this economy), which I accepted. Lightship Research you rock!
D. Manning, SF

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