Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Lap Band Surgery?

By looking at my blog, you can tell that I love to eat a lot. Yes! I do especially Filipino food with lots of rice. Obviously, I am getting big now compared before. I gained weight tremendously since I arrived here in US. They say that I don't need to worry because we can have a surgery here in order to lose weight. Honestly, I am scared of it. I have seen a lot of people tried it. It is safe though but I am not sure if I could ever try it in my life. It is the easier means of getting rid of fats and we can't avoid ourselves thinking that it might cause harm. If I become really big and will decide to try it, I might try JourneyLite. I always hear of it. Their lap band sugarland facility is specially equipped to handle the unique needs of larger patients. From roomy, comfortable gowns to state-of-the-art laparoscopic surgical suites, every aspect of a JourneyLite facility is designed with our needs in mind. So I don't need to worry. In addition, each JourneyLite facility is licensed in the State in which it operates, and all of our medical staff are licensed healthcare professionals. Well, let's see. As for now, I will enjoy eating and if possible observe a proper diet. That way, I won't need a lap band surgery.

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