Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Deep-Pit Pig

Last Easter Sunday, we went to Sharon's parents' place to celebrate Easter and her son's birthday. There were a lot of food and everybody was having fun. Guests came and brought their favorite dishes. Sharon's parents cooked a whole pig in a deep pit. The head, feet, inside organs and skin were taken out. They put some onions and other vegetables and seasonings inside the pig to make it tasty. Then they wrapped it with lots of aluminum foil and tied it with tie wires. It was placed then in a deep pit with coal all around it and covered it with metal sheet. They placed it around 3 am and took it out around 3 pm. It took around 12 hours to cook it. The taste was just like the Filipino Lechon (roasted pig). I do like lechon better though because of its tasty skin.

Wrapped with aluminum foil

Deep Pit

with cover


EdZee said...

I thought it's like Crispy Pata of the famous Barrio Fiesta Restaurant. So its lechon cooked differently and without the skin. I wonder how it taste but you said it's the same. Poor you, we can have real lechon anytime although the price now is somewhat prohibitive.

By the way, thanks for visiting and leaving a comment on my site.

Lindz said...

kadugay baya maluto diay, siguro lami na kay lamion man sa picture