Tuesday, April 14, 2009

AAfter Web Search Engine

I was searching for restaurants one time for my birthday party venue. It took me a while to locate one because of the many clicks that I made. So I decided to go over the yellow pages of our directory book instead of searching online. I could have tried AAfter Web Search Engine to look for it. This is a new search engine that will let you find local businesses near you. Just type the store name, and click on the ‘local business’ or 'yellow page' link right on the top of their website. You may try it too. Find local business faster using AAfter.com search. Not only that ,you can also have the access to free and paid Reverse Phone Search instantly as you just search for a phone number. Also, it has an IP Research Tool for every webmaster or blogger. AAfter is popular with this quick IP research tool which is a powerful utility. As one writes the IP in the search box, AAfter provides complete details of the IP address that includes IP Geo location, ISP information of the IP along with if the IP address is black listed. I better try that too. These are only a few of the benefits and features of AAfter. If ever I will search something again on the web, I will use this search engine. I may use this to search for similar recipes for my blog.

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