Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Women And Their Designer Brand Shoes

When I was young, my parents bought me a new branded pair of shoes when I received an award. Though pair was not designer shoes but the brands were popular and they were durable. That was one of the best rewards that I got when I was still studying. I was working hard in order to obtain honors and that made my parents so proud. Having gifts like new shoes really motivated me to study hard. I appreciated my parents' efforts to raise me and to provide something good for me and my siblings. Even if they didn't have much money to give us everything, they tried their best to make us happy and live life in an easier way though we we were struggling along the way. I thanked my parents for that and told them that when I became successful, I will buy Designer Brand Shoes someday. When I got a job, I did buy some pairs of nice shoes to wear. They say that a nice pair of shoes will take you to nice places. That is why women love shoes so much especially the designer brand shoes. I had a few now but want to have more. I want to buy more pairs of casual shoes or boots. I have been searching the Internet to look for good shoes and I saw a ugg Australia Women's - Classic Cardy Purple I like the color which is my favorite. The website has a variety shoe selections that women would love. You can shop by designer. I haven't tried purchasing shoes online though but I could try. Now that I can afford to buy, I can give a reward for myself and for my parents whom I owe so much in my life. I would treasure my shoes as I treasured the ones that I received from my parents years ago.

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