Thursday, March 12, 2009

SeaWorld Dolphin Bubbles

This is really cool! Indeed, it is so amazing and it is fun to watch. I have never seen a dolphin up close but seeing them bubbles would be a once-in-a-lifetime experience. I could have seen it last year in San Diego with my husband. Only his daughter and son''s family went because hubby and I was too busy at work. So I missed the SeaWorld experience. I would want to see this marine creature entertaining the people and see the wonders that they can do. These creatures are really lovable. I wish I can see them this year and I could get a chance to watch these dolphins at SeaWorld Orlando’s Dolphin Cove. Their fascinating behavior has amazed everyone and that includes me. The Dolphin Bubbles artfully and play with underwater bubble rings. It is such a nice sight when they make small bubbles out from the bigger ones. They also swirl it around and gracefully toss it. I want to see these creatures in person so I get the chance to see them up close.


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